Why Your Tax Returns Need to be Prepared by a Qualified Professional

Now more than ever, it is extremely important that as tax payers you utilize qualified tax professionals who will prepare your tax returns and will represent you should you be audited. Too often, tax payers hire someone who does not have the proper licenses and credentials required to be qualified to represent them, particularly given the complexity of the ever changing tax code.

The Tax Code Has Changed
As of January 1, 2016 the IRS tax code requires that anyone representing a taxpayer be qualified according to IRS specifications.  To be sure that you will not have to seek additional services to represent you to the IRS, your tax preparation needs to be done by a CPA, Enrolled Agent (EA) or an attorney who is IRS qualified. Tax preparers, who do not otherwise qualify, can also complete the IRS’s voluntary Annual Filling Season Program. Only those who successfully complete the program, receive a Record of Completion allowing them to represent you to the IRS.

Employing qualified professionals not only assures that your tax returns are properly prepared, but it also provides you with a representative who can stand in for you at appearances before the IRS for such issues as audits, appeals and collections. They can speak to directly to an IRS representative on your behalf as well as make appearances for you at IRS hearings involving your tax returns.

At Mitz & Rozansky, LLC our CPA’s and tax preparation specialists prepare your tax return with the utmost care. They work diligently to ensure that you pay only the taxes required and they stand ready to represent you up should any tax related issues arise with the IRS. For additional information about this or any other accounting related matters, please contact us by phone at (414)352-3200 or via email at info@mrsc.com.