Beware of Fake Tax Bills Attached to Emails from the IRS

The IRS and its Summit Security partners are warning taxpayers about another email scam involving tax bills. The bill arrives as an attachment to an email that states that the bill is for taxes due in connection to the Affordable Care Act (click here to see IRS advisory).

The IRS has received numerous reports around the country of scammers sending a fraudulent version of CP2000 notices for tax year 2015. Generally, the scam involves an email that includes the fake CP2000 as an attachment.

The CP2000 is a notice commonly mailed to taxpayers through the United States Postal Service. It is never sent as part of an email to taxpayers. It is a good practice to never open an attachment or click on a link within an email sent by any sources you do not know or are suspicious of. The issue has been reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration for investigation.

Should you receive such a notice, please follow the instructions laid out in the article link shown above or contact Mitz & Rozansky. As always, the staff at Mitz & Rozansky is ready to assist you if you should happen to receive one of these emails or if you have any questions about your taxes or other financial matters. We can be reached by phone at (414)352-3200 or via email at