Case Histories

We have provided accounting services to numerous companies in a wide range of industries, each with their own unique set of challenges as well as a large number of individuals with varying needs. Three such client case histories are featured below.

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AccountingServing As A Complete Accounting Department
Our client, a successful manufacturer of beverage processing equipment, outsources all of their accounting functions to Mitz & Rozansky. Operating remotely, we have assumed the roles of the controller and the accounting department staff. In these roles we oversee all accounting functions including … [more]

RecycleMergers X 2
Putting two industry leaders together is a challenge. Doing it twice in a ten year time frame for the same organization is an even greater challenge. Mitz and Rozansky has met these challenges. RecycleTen years ago, our client (a large recycling company) decided to merge with another company in the same industry. We guided them through … [more]

ScrambledEggsOur Clients Are People First
We provide a wide range of accounting services to individuals and families. They receive the same professional and personalized care as our businesses clients do. Many of these individuals and families have been our clients and our friends for decades. One such client is an elderly woman who lives alone and … [more]