Business and Property Valuation

Valuation. Is it a science or an art form? At Mitz & Rozansky, we deliver detailed valuations that blend the best of both. The science we apply comes from analyzing hard data using proven formulas and trends. The art form comes from taking subjective information and identifying how it will likely drive value either up or down.

Our valuation expert, Steve Rozansky has earned the Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) credential from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. To achieve ABV status requires extensive training, testing and continuing education. Having applied this knowledge for over ten years has given Steve, and our staff, deep insights into the practical application of both the science and the art form in real world circumstances.

The primary areas of our valuation practice center on fair market value determinations when valuing estates for gift tax or succession planning, buying and selling of businesses, family law property division, and litigation support. In each case, the process begins with an in-depth exchange of information facilitated by a comprehensive questionnaire and in person interviews.

The amount of research and calculations that goes into one of our valuations is determined by the desired outcome. In many cases an extensive report detailing all of the supporting research, background material, risk factors, industry comparisons and assumptions that were used to come to the value conclusion is required. In other cases, such as a business owner wanting to have an idea of what their business is worth, a shorter, more focused report is available.