Mergers X 2 – Southeastern Wisconsin Merger Experts

Putting two industry leaders together is a challenge. Doing it twice in a ten year time frame for the same organization is an even greater challenge. Mitz and Rozansky has done just that, demonstrating that they are truly Southeastern Wisconsin merger experts.

Merging twice in 10 years, a recycling industry success story from Southeastern Wisconsin experts in mergersTen years ago, our client (a large recycling company) decided to merge with another company in the same industry. We guided them through both the extensive preparatory process and well as  the post-merger integration.

The pre-closing process included:

  • Preparing our clients documents for the due diligence phase
  • Reviewing all documents from the proposed merger partner
  • Actively participating in the negotiating process
  • Analyzing the tax implications for the businesses and their principals
  • Interfacing with the legal professionals to assure a smooth closing

The post-closing process included:

  • Assisting with negotiating and implementing a new banking relationship
  • Combining of all accounting functions and establishing procedures
  • Integrating all systems
  • Providing general accounting services for the newly formed entity on a going forward basis

Southeastern Wisconsin Merger Experts

After ten years this entire process was repeated almost exactly. The firm that was formed by the original merger has just successfully completed a new merger with another industry leader. For this transaction, Mitz & Rozansky provided the same services as before but with the additional responsibility of working hand-in-hand with the investment banking firm that consummated the deal.