At Mitz & Rozansky, it is our goal to provide you with a complete package of information and services to assist with financial decisions impacting your income, tax planning and long range financial goals. Below you will find helpful links that provide information on some important financial topics. If you have any additional questions regarding these topics, please contact us at 414-352-3200.

  • For information about Federal tax regulations and returns go to the Internal Revenue Service website: For information on the status of your refund, go to:
  • For information about Wisconsin State tax regulations and returns go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website: For information on the status of your refund, go to:
  • For information about Medicare plans, coverage and sign-up go to the Medicare website:
  • For information about Social Security benefits, plans and sign-up go to the Social Security website:
  • For information about calculating your funds needed for retirement check out this retirement calculator:
  • To get a free copy of your tax return, you can request a Tax Return Transcript free of charge using Form 4506-T rather than pay $50 per return to request a copy from the IRS by using Form 450: Request for Copy of Tax Return, Go to and click “Get a Tax Transcript” to utilize the automated self-help service. You can also call 800-908-9946.
  • The fastest way for you to receive your refund is to combine e-file with Direct Deposit. About 8 in 10 taxpayers use direct deposit likely because the IRS issues 9 out of 10 of these refunds in less than 21 days. If money is to flow the other direction because you owe taxes, the best way make the payment is with IRS Direct Pay. This free service can transfer money using the client’s checking/savings account, debit/credit card or Electronic Funds Withdrawal. Refer to the “Payments” tab at for further guidance on transferring money electronically.
  • By all means, file your tax return even if you are unable to pay some or all of the taxes you owe. If you owe money to the IRS and cannot make the entire payment, you should pay as much as possible to reduce interest and penalties for late payments. You need to file a Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request, with your tax return to request to pay in installments. You may also use the Online Payment Agreement tool to request more time to pay